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Our scenarios are created through a deep learning neural networks tuned to long-range economic forecasting to provide you with the best possible answers.  Scenarios are provided at the State and National levels.  Custom Scenarios are also provided for those that would like to input their own scenario for a few key metrics.

Included variables

  • VIX
  • Consumer Debt Service
  • CPI 
  • GDP Growth
  • Disposable Personal Income
  • DJIA
  • House Price Index

  • Commercial Real Estate Index
  • Employment
  • Unemployment rate
  • 3m T-Bill Rate
  • 5yr Government Bond Yield
  • 10yr Government Bond Yield

  • BBB Corporate Bond Yield
  • Mortgage rate
  • Prime rate
  • Auto48 rate
  • Credit Card rate
  • Personal24 rate

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Email sales@scenarioai.com or phone 1-505-690-7195 Credit Union's looking to learn more about how to use Stress Scenarios, CECL and other Risk Modeling Solutions, visit www.deepfutureanalytics.com, banks and others visit www.prescientmodels.com